BIOFIBRE Biosyntetic Hairs

The scientific REVOLUTION in the treatment of HAIR LOSS and BALDNESS

LONG HAIR IN ONE DAY  – Without waiting 1 year for them to grow


IDEAL FOR ALL AGES for WOMEN with sparse hair and MEN with alopecia

  • IMMEDIATE & Long Lasting Aesthetic Natural Result
  • Simple & Safe Way

BIOFIBRE Hair Implant system it is now possible to solve the problem of MALE and FEMALE ALOPECIA (baldness)

Today many Hair Restoration specialists combine the benefits of CE 0373 and TGA Artificial Hair Implant with those of hair Transplant and other techniques to satisfy their Patient’s needs at any stage and any age. It has become a regular practice to use the implant of BIOFIBRE hair when required to increase the density of hair implanted with an autologous hair transplant. Hair transplant techniques have been perfected, by means of implantation of follicular units (FUE & FDI) that provide a natural-looking aesthetic result, and have basically reached the pinnacle of development, fully replacing obsolete “island” transplants.

BIOFIBRE HAIR Implant system is a suitable methodology for all those who prefer a LESS TRAUMATIC and easier technique to ACHIEVE AN IMMEDIATE AESTHETIC RESULT, focused on satisfying any need of our Patient through a soft cosmetic surgical procedure.

It is recommended for Androgenic Alopecia (Baldness) – Male and Female – in case of scars and whenever a High Hair Density is required, like general hair thinning, depletion or absence of a donor area for hair transplant, disseminated scarring alopecia and when the patient refuses to use a wig.

Artificial Hair Implant technique makes it possible to obtain a high hair density in a few hours with the maximum patient comfort.

The procedure is performed exclusively by a Qualified Doctor Experienced in BIOFIBRE Hair Implant methodology. It is a quit simple dermosurgery procedure that allows an active and sporty lifestyle immediately after implantation.

BIOFIBRE Hair Implant provides a gradual, progressive and an economically affordable Hair Thickening, .

BIOFIBRE Artificial Hair is undetectable on natural hair, it is available in different variations up to 21 colours, in different lengths (from 15 cm up to 45 cm) and in 3 different hairstyles (straight, wavy, curly). 

BIOFIBRE hair is available also as a triple hair density outside the scalp, just by implantating a single fiber. It is a very significant component for the success of the BIOFIBRE Hair Implant, because a quantity of 1,000 fibers which are implanted into the scalp, become 3000, providing thus an Immediate and Remarkable Aesthetic Result.

To achieve a gradual aesthetic improvement a quantity of  800 – 1500 BIOFIBRE Hair per single session is suggested.

After the implant the Patient resumes his/her social life, with the desired look and psychological wellness.

The immediate post-implant treatment includes local and general antibiotics treatment for 5-6 days. Moreover, the patient is advised to treat hair with care, avoiding abrupt manipulation, so as to prevent freshly implanted hair to from moving to the surface (complete adhesion of hair requires 20/30 days).

After the implant, patient have to use suitable products, follow a proper hygiene and a proper after care as recommented by the doctor who carried out the procedure.

Further Implant Sessions are performed after 3 – 4 weeks on the same area of the scalp and after 1-2 weeks on different area. But it is not binding because there are different parameters from person to person.

An Appropriate Medical Protocol for Implant is required. A visit to a specialist physician and a complete tricological check up, are necessary to define the type of alopecia (baldness) the patient is suffering from and its causes. It is not recommended for sensitive to the pre-implant test patients, or for those suffering from other scalp diseases. BIOFIBRE hair is a biocompatible medical fiber that causes negligible foreign-body reactions (less than 2%), all of which can be identified and resolved before the performance of the regular implant sessions. It needs a suitable hygiene of the scalp and an everyday careful aftercare.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does implanted hair look like and how is such hair treated?

BIOFIBRE are aesthetically identical to natural hair. They should be maintained with quality hair products, just like natural hair,  in order to have long lasting result. They do not lose their colour and should not be dyed with aggressive products. They are very resistant and do not break.

Can I have a BIOFIBRE Hair Implant during therapy with Minoxidil and Finasteride? 

Yes, many dermatologists today implant artificial hair BIOFIBRE simultaneously with the dermo-trichological therapy.

I wear a wig: can I have a BIOFIBRE Hair Implant? 

Yes, an implantation with BIOFIBRE hair starts from the nape, then the portion of wig corresponding to the implanted area is removed step by step after each procedure, as the newly implanted area must always remain free to be rapidly healed.

How long will the aesthetic result of a BIOFIBRE Hair Implant last? 

The duration of the aesthetic result obtained with a BIOFIBRE hair implant varies from 5-8 years, depending on the correct management of the post-implant period. The literature on the subject, reports an annual loss of approximately 10 % of the  implanted fibers.

How safe are BIOFIBRE ;

BIOFIBRE are fully medical certified products. Moreover the total safety of BIOFIBRE hair is ensured by the exclusive “extractable root”, that allows a fully reversible implant in case on need.