About Us

MEDI Hair & Aesthetic International

MEDI Hair & Aesthetic International
is a European Company Owned And Run By DOCTORS

MEDI H.A.I. focuses Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Surgery with highly qualified European Doctors replacing costly corporate framework .

Years of specialized Research and Development have led to significant advancements in hair restoration techniques.

MEDI H.A.I. takes pride in maintaining strong, personal and caring Client Doctor RELATIONSHIPS.

Take advantage of our transparent pricing structure with no hidden costs.

MEDI H.A.I.’s aim is to provide to any client high quality medical services , in affordable prices, with reliability and assured results.

FDI Hair Transplantation

FDI is an Advanced technique following years of Research and Development.

Aesthetic - Surgery

At MEDI H.A.I Aesthetic Surgery is an Art.

BIOFIBRE Implantation

High Tech ARTIFICIAL HAIR Implants at MEDI H.A.I

Soft Surgery

Soft Surgery are non-surgical treatment which offers an effective alternative to surgical procedures


MEDI Hair & Aesthetic International